5 Principles to Make Your Life Happy and Fulfilling

Photo by Nghia Le on Unsplash

#1 Life is not linear

One day you’ll feel confident you’ve overcome all your difficulties, heartbreaks, and negativity. But the very next day you’ll feel worse, and that nothing is positive in life. You’ll feel that life sucks and may even decide to give up on any attempts to improve it.

#2 Don’t make decisions while emotional

My girlfriend, now my ex, broke up with me 3 years back. I felt dejected, my motivation level to do literally anything plummeted. And I was in a sales job at that time, it was too demanding. A breakup and a demanding job was the perfect recipe for my mind to go haywire.

#3 Don’t stress out on stuff you can’t control

A few weeks back my mom insisted me to take the car to work, I didn’t listen, I drove my bike instead. I started from the office around 8 that night. After crossing a few blocks the rain started to pour. And it didn’t stop for another hour. So I had to stand for shelter in a dark lifeless road, all alone, hungry and tired.

#4 Do your work, don’t expect from others

Whenever I publish a blog I send it to all my friends and ask for their opinion. Though most of them respond, a few—close ones—don’t even read. It made me a little upset.

#5 Your life is a cake

Imagine a life without your loved ones—friends, family, colleagues—none. Will your identity remain the same? Would you be self-sufficient enough to make yourself happy? Do you have something so interesting in life that you don’t need people to keep your life going?

I write about Self-Development, Skills, Learning, and Innovation.

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