While startups do

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“Innovation”—one of the least spoken words in company meetings, while revenue and profits are often heard.

Large companies & industries have a lot of talent, money, infrastructure, and network of partners—it seems logically right to assume that they have all it takes to be innovative. Counterintuitively, they aren’t. While startups…

Making non-fiction interesting

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Reading non-fiction is hard. It is less imaginative, less interesting, and less exciting as fiction is. There are no plot twists, character development, and is less emotional. This is why people find it hard to read non-fiction, especially those who read fiction regularly.

But the problem is not with non-fiction…

And why it is the key to learn other important skills

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Throughout my life I was trained how to speak—elocutions, public speaking, group discussions, debates, and so on. But I was never taught nor have I heard of someone learn “listening” formally.

One reason could be because speaking is tangible—unlike listening—it makes more noise, quite literally, thus attracts more attention as…

Arun Suresh

I write about Self-Development, Skills, Learning, and Innovation.

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