I've always been good at taking up responsibilities and doing things right, and was proud of myself. But when it came to team work, I started to realise that as a leader I've failed in "Delegating work"! Which is the primary responsibility of a good leader!

I always believe that anything done should be of a good quality, and I've trained my mind to expect the same from my peers. This single thought has made me to "do" things always rather than Delegating it. When I was overloaded with work I had no other choice rather than delegating it, and that is when I realised that "Making people to do something is much harder than doing it ourself" This is true initially, but as time passes by our team learns to do things, they become aware of what is expected out of them and they start delivering their best. But it is the responsibility of the leader to push them initially, help them learn, listen to them and finally making them realize that The way to get what they already want is by following you.

Yes it is hard for someone to not to do things by himself/herself but rather Delegating it, when you can do a way better job than your team. Initially this is a problem, but it is always better to sacrifice what you want right now for what you want the most. Zig Ziglar's quote beautifully summarizes this:

"The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want the most for what you want right now"

I'm not sure about the context in which Zig Ziglar mentioned this, but it seems a perfect fit for delegation. So it's ok if your team is incapable of doing things in the beginning, it's ok if they do things of less quality than you expect out of them, it's ok if they aren't skilled. Skills can always be learnt, so as leader sacrifice little things today to see yourself as a great leader tomorrow. You cannot become a great leader unless you delegate work efficiently! It is the only way of getting what you want and what your team wants.

A special thanks to my friend in helping me realise this.

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