How this one skill can change your social life

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  • Constantly think and rehearse how to respond
  • Cut in, in the middle
  • (Worst of all) — Don’t even listen and think about something else

People like listeners

People have a lot of ideas, suggestions, opinions, problems, frustrations, the list goes on. They want someone to share all these, and here’s the challenge — Listening is hard and is the reason why there aren’t many listeners.

Source: quotefancy

People trust listeners

When you listen to someone genuinely, without any interruptions — they will feel good that they’ve been heard. They will have a feeling that you’ve given importance to them, and people naturally trust the ones who give importance to them.

Source: quotefancy

Putting yourself in their shoes

By ‘putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes’ we mean — how it feels to be the other person. A crucial step towards ‘feeling’ the other person is to listen to them.

Source: quotefancy


  • Listeners are in demand. People love when someone listens to their stories.
  • Genuine listening helps the listener to empathise with the speaker thereby deepening the relationship.
  • People trust listeners. It gives them a feeling of importance and makes them open up.

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