Why Work-Life Balance is not Good for You!

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There will be certain qualities you’re good at work, like planning for a project, being punctual to meetings, being organised, making logical decisions, etc. And similarly, the qualities you’re good at personal life like listening to your loved ones, tolerating others’ mistakes, being patient, etc.

Routine can kill creativity

When you draw a mental boundary between work and personal life, you create a routine on how your day should be.


  • Looking at work and personal life as two separate entities may not lead to a satisfying personal & work life, because the best qualities in one may not benefit the other.
  • Scrapping off this imaginary boundary between these two lives creates synergy and will mutually benefit both.
  • Being flexible at work and in personal life can help us in being creative!
  • The future is uncertain, so the best tools we can have to deal with it are Flexibility & Creativity!

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