Your Internal Compass

This tool helps you make better decisions with lesser effort

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Why do values matter?

Values to me is the most important decision-making tool, a tool that has helped me take many decisions in life. Whenever I’m faced with a dilemma in making a decision I choose the alternative that is most aligned with my values. I’ve been applying this method to take both big and small decisions, from deciding if I should spend the weekend reading or go out with friends, to choosing between two jobs.

  1. Surrounding yourself with the right people: Values help you choose who to become close with, in other words, ‘Become close with people who have similar values to that of yours’, so that you don’t get distracted by someone who doesn’t value what you do.
  2. Focusing on what is important: In life, we are constantly distracted by unimportant stuff, and even worse is ending up in not knowing what is important. Values help you in weeding out the unimportant and make you focus on what is important, like the bright sunshine on a foggy morning. Values may not show you the ultimate meaning or purpose in life, but gives a sense of direction towards what is important to you.

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