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5 simple techniques to generate creative ideas

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Get Creative by Procrastinating

Everyone has probably had a brilliant idea pop out of nowhere, a moment of epiphany or great insight. Ideas like these seem to materialise out of thin air, but in fact, it is the work of our subconscious mind working on a problem we desperately need solutions for.

“Procrastination turns out to be a common habit of creative thinkers.”

— Adam Grant

A Diverse Mind Is a Creative Mind

No creative person I’ve met, read or heard about has only had one interest.

“As we gain knowledge about a domain, we become prisoners of our own domain.”

— Adam Grant

Creativity Within Boundaries

Creativity is often thought of as a skill best exhibited when there are no boundaries, i.e. when you can act with as much freedom as possible.

“Once you’ve worked on the boundaries to work with, you can work with freedom.”

— Rod Judkins

Get Bored to Get Creative

Some of the most creative ideas I’ve ever got was while driving. I usually pull over and make a note of it, so I don’t forget it later. The other times I’ve got such ideas is while taking a shower, jogging, doing chores, commuting in public transport, etc.

“I love ironing my shirts — it’s so boring, I almost always get good ideas.”

— Austin Kleon

Quantity is a Key to Creativity

We have ideas all the time — brilliant ones, not so good ones, and bad ones; but the majority of these stay in our mind for a few minutes and fades off. Only a minor fraction of them stay — the brilliant ones, and that’s because we give importance to them.

  1. The idea you think as mediocre may be brilliant to others;
  2. The number of brilliant ideas you get by putting all your ideas out is greater than the number of brilliant ideas you get if you only put your brilliant ones out.

“The problem is that you can’t have good ideas unless you’re willing to generate a lot of bad ones.”

— Seth Godin


These techniques are a mere rule of thumbs and not rules to abide by. And not even a single technique works independently, they all go hand in hand. Also, these aren’t the only techniques to become more creative, there are probably 100 others, keep exploring and find what suits you. Besides, it’s creativity — it works in all crazy ways.

I write about Self-Development, Skills, Learning, and Innovation.

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